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Quality. Service.STEINBAUER.

The Team at Joe Busch Ag have worked side by side with the company owner and director, Herbert Steinbauer since 2008 - we know first hand that he is dedicated to delivering quality products that customers really need and he really knows engines and how they work ... that is more than I can say for competitor products; when did you last see a company owner on the field installing a box or riding with an operator to get direct feedback? 


‘’...we began developing products specifically for Ag over 12 years ago, long before any of our competitors... We have an advantage in that we have distributors all over the globe, so we can test in ​many different countries and under differing conditions. This ​contact also gives us great insight into what customers really ​need.’’ Steinbauer says. While STEINBAUER admits that their competitors make huge promises for a cheaper price, they, and I stand firmly behind the STEINBAUER products. “We have heard it all before .. Unlike the majority of our competitors, who after the downturn in car tuning and now that downloaders and rail pressure boxes have become  techniques of the past, started to look toward the Agricultural sector … Our PowerModule ​for Agri and Big Rigs has always been on our application list. We don’t just ‘jump ship’ to take advantage of a new industry….” ​continues director Herbert Steinbauer. “Companies tend to make huge promises, but most rarely deliver on them. We have the most extensive - proven and working - application list on the market, with more than double that of our closest competitor.”​ Herbert Steinbauer. 


Wouldn't you rather buy a product that has been field and road tested throughout the world and one that has been in the market for 20 years? I know I did - this is why at Joe Busch Ag we are proud to be the official Distributor for STEINBAUER in Central Iowa and exclusively sell STEINBAUER.


Joe with Herbert & Matt from STEINBAUER at NFMS 2013
Joe and Herbert doing and install for a customer free 14Day trial on the Mercedes Sprinter. 
Tim Carroll has been trained & certified by STEINBAUER in product Sales and Technical Support, working here installing on the tricky Case 245.
Tricky - you ask? This one can be a little difficult to install, due to difficult access to the plugs.   
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