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Our pulling shop is a full on performance shop for diesel performance engines.  We specialize in tractor pulling and build engines to suit your class and put you in the front.  We offer lots of new and used performance parts that we keep in stock and can ship the same day.  

We have the ability to dyno engines up to 3000hp and we do this for all engines we build and also for anyone else who would like to come and test their engine if we built it or not.  We also have partnered with a cylinder head shop and have the ability to do head porting, valve jobs, surfacing and customizing.

Performance Tractor Pulling

3000 HP Engine Dyno


We utilize our engine dyno to test and dial in our engines we build for our customers to insure maximum horsepower.  We also rent the dyno out to other engine builders or your do it yourself guys and have many performance parts on stock that are available to test.


Full Engine Builds


Engines at JBAR are built to suit your pulling assosiation that you perfer then are dynoed and ready for pick up.  We also offer to put them in frame and to a complete plumbing job too.



Performance Pulling Parts

  • Injection pumps

  • Injectors

  • Turbos

  • Velocity stacks

  • Injection lines

  • Main and Rod bearings

  • C-rings

  • Ross Piston Dealer

  • Fuel/Oil pumps (Aviaid)

  • Water pumps

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